About Innovation



Satisfying a Need
Founded in 1990, Innovation Technologies Worldwide started with the goal of satisfying a specific need. Realizing early on that the hotel industry was in the midst of a transformation, we set out to design a voicemail solution that could interface with the many disparate systems encompassing a hotel. In 1992, the first InnLine voicemail system was released.

Pioneering with Innovation
Over the course of the next few years Innovation Technologies became synonymous with the highest quality voice systems and unsurpassed support. Continually at the forefront, Innovation pioneered features like the DID server, guest programmable wake up calls, and more. The ability to lead and act quickly helped forge many strong alliances within the industry.

Eventually, Innovation garnered the respect and recommendation of the best consultants, interconnects, hotel chains, and telecom companies, and by 2000, they emerged as a leader in hotel voicemail systems, with over 7,000 hotels worldwide, encompassing every major hotel chain.

Branching Out
With encouragement from our customers, in 2000 we began to branch out into other areas of communication technology. InnLine IP is a SIP voicemail system that can interface with both IP and Legacy PBX systems. With this success we remain committed to providing the best technologies in the world to the lodging industry, today and tomorrow.

Embracing the Future
In September 2012, Innovation Technologies Worldwide was acquired by TigerTMS, a leader in voice and data management solutions to the hospitality industry, in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The acquisition createsone of the world's largest single supplier of communication and guest management systems to the hospitality industry serving over 15,000 properties including 9 of the 10 largest hotel chains.