InnLine IP Elite

InnLine IP Elite has all the reliable features of InnLine IP, with the addition of hardware redundancy. This robust system is a must for large hotels, resorts and convention centers. Redundancy and backup capabilities are built in. These features are critical for larger properties.

- 8 to 64 ports
- Three hard drives configured in a RAID5 array
- Dual hot-swappable power supplies
- Rack-mountable 1U chassis
- Unlimited mailbox capacity
- SIP integration
- 6 physical com ports
- 1 standard set of custom recorded prompts
- Hardware platform for virtualized solution
- 24 month hardware warranty

Multi-tenanting (virtual instance) feature:
Using this method, one server (located at the property) may run several “virtual instances” of the InnLine IP voicemail application. Each instance would serve as a separate tenant within the property.