System Platforms

InnLine IP is a next-generation voicemail system employing Session Initiated Protocols (SIP) to reduce integration and hardware costs. No digital or analog cards are required.
Feature Add Ons

The most robust system for large hotels, resorts and convention centers. Redundancy and backup capabilities are critical built-in features needed for larger properties.

For small to large properties that need to grow, we've combined voicemail, automated attendant, and wake-up calls into one powerful system.

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For small to medium properties, InnLine Express provides an affordable opportunity to offer the amenities and features as their larger counterparts.


InnLine Voice Messaging Benefits

Hospitality Specific
From the initial stages of development through the release of our products, hospitality-specific needs are our core focus. InnLine’s lodging-specific functionality works to streamline many of your property’s day-to-day operations.

InnLine offers the best software and hardware, designed to perform reliably 24-hours-a-day. It’s so dependable and seamless, you will forget it’s there.

Trusted and Endorsed
With over 20 years of hospitality voice messaging experience, Innovation Technologies’ InnLine voicemail has set the standard as the highest quality hospitality voice messaging system available. Continually at the forefront, Innovation pioneered features like the DID server, guest-programmable wake-up calls, and more. InnLine’s continued reliability and hospitality-specific feature-set has led it to be endorsed by all major hotel chains.

Extensive Feature Set
InnLine offers a complete set of features. Hospitality-specific features such as automated wake-up calls, automated guest services, guest voicemail tutorials, automated attendant, and more are included standard on all InnLine voice messaging systems.

Easy to Use
Both guests and staff will appreciate that InnLine is easy to use and convenient. Guest voicemail tutorials guide guests through using their mailbox. Furthermore, administration is simple.

InnLine seamlessly integrates with all major property management and PBX systems. Guest mailboxes are automatically activated and deactivated on check-in and check-out. Additionally, the guest’s mailbox and messages are automatically moved when a room change message is received from the PMS.

InnLine provides guests and hotel staff with convenient, flexible features that allow hotel guests and staff to take control of how and when they communicate. Furthermore, InnLineTM will accommodate the addition of InnCharge Call Accounting and PrivateLineTM DID Server.